About Amber

Amber loved her life, her friends, her work, and her city. She made an effort to excel in everything not to beat anyone, but to simply do her best. She made everyone around her happier. She was green, from second hand stores to public transit. She didn’t have a TV by choice. She read, she cooked and baked, she did art, was on a pool league that had just won a championship. Her architecture designs were green, thoughtful, impressive.

Amber had a discipline and determination learned from gymnastics and applied to all areas of her life. She cared for herself and deeply for those people in her life. She expressed her care, determination and drive most often through intricate and ornate pen and ink drawings; award winning sustainable architectural designs; billiards practice and competition; and throughout her personal relationships. She shared her eclectic love of music with all who would listen. She was short, sweet and fun.

Amber was shot for a second hand purse and died January 19th, 2014.

Amber will be with us forever, her smile, energy, passion, and thirst for life.

One thought on “About Amber

  1. I was crushed for you when I heard. I wish I had gotten to know Amber. She sounds wonderful. I haven’t looked at my daughter quite the same since I got the news. Let me know if there’s anything I can do. Carl

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