Amber Jeanette Long

This website was created in memory of beloved daughter and friend Amber Long. Amber was a beautiful person, both inside and out, who filled the lives of those who knew her with an unforgettable ray of sunshine.

Join us in celebrating her life. Details of her memorial service coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Amber Jeanette Long

  1. So sorry for your loss. Nobody’s life should end like that.
    My prayers go out to her family.
    RIP Sweet Amber even though I didn’t even know her.

  2. I did not know Amber but have a daughter her age who lives in that neighborhood. My heart breaks for you.
    Please let me (and others) know where to make a donation in her memory.

    Thank you,

    Richard Orodenker
    Asst. Prof.
    Intellectual Heritage Program
    Temple University

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