3 thoughts on “Pictures of Amber

  1. Dear Family of Amber,
    As a former Western Maryland (from LaVale) resident, I read Amber’s obit in the Cumberland Times News. Currently living in Chester County, outside Philadelphia, I read what happened to her and am so shocked and sad. Living near a large city, it is not unusual to hear about gun violence, yet when I read that Amber and her family were from my hometown area, it really hit my heart.

    I can’t imagine what you all are dealing with, the pain, the sorrow. What a random act of terror. I see that Amber was a warm, vibrant, intelligent young woman who had everything to look forward to. I hope and pray that her memory and the great things she accomplished will help you and her friends through this very difficult time. Please know that many people, including people like me that you do not know, are thinking of you with warmth and grace.

  2. To the family of this young Lady ,My heart goes out to you … I live in Philadelphia and felt so hurt with such a vicious crime that I had to drive by to SEE for myself where this young lady was ambushed by this to thugs. i pray to my GOD that they get caught.I can’t imagine>> God Bless you and your family.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss from senseless violence. Ive been following ever since i read about this tragedy. It breaks my heart that people have no sense for humanlife. Your daughter from what i read was very gifted and very beautiful. In time may you have some peace…jason.

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